The Law Of God In My Way & With My Side.

This Is My Universal Freedom Declaration.

Something to share with you:

God, Law & Religions

Brain Connections & Satellites!

Who cheated on me 1st while been under attack?

What did I gain from Arabs?

Who cheated on me 2nd while been under attack?

Mixed subjects 1.

Mixed subjects 2.

My main site:

Do not use my emails in the above site please.

Rigged crocked system & brains! Satan work. Songs & movies explains!

Mind Control-Ultimate Terror

I am still under attack in a homeland inside the house from outside surroundings! My evident! God & total conscious. I'm not a trap or trapper!

What am I gaining from whispers! People talk & neighbors! Satellite above with weapon! Total electronic harassments! Brains connections! Creating Jungle life for a citizen me! Satan work against me! All are happy now! I am a victim of total Satan work! Satan virus spreading on a daily bases to create Babylon & Zion trains! Life journey gone on waste! This is the truth. God is the truth always. God is my train! God bless those who understand.

My peace mission is accomplished. Satan has many faces & traps.

Peace Mission

Am I free now from total Satan work or not?

Is it a dream? White passport! Would it help & support?

110 Commandments & Bible is there! Holly Books not passports. G.O.D represents God, Peace & Freedom from total Satan work. Such passport holders are heaven seekers. Peaceful people.

Human Rights around the world. God bless our planet.

Universal Human Rights   Human Rights In Jordan   Universal U.N Human Rights

God bless the Peace Keepers. I'm out. Back to normal life people. God is angry.

I shared this below text picture from facebook!

It hurts. One final note here to speak about:

What a life journey! My advice:

God, Peace & Freedom My Global Declarations:

G.O.D is the key!

What I got to do with government or public!

I hate politics & don't believe in any of it!

Satellites can fake all of us! What media!

Who want to be God?  What soul mate!

Satan has many faces in misleading us!

I been using facebook to praise God!

God Remains The Greatest Always.

G.O.D is the train! God bless us all.

Michael Jackson Songs:

They don't care about us Earth Song Heal the World

Our life cup! Sorry for my poor English. My soul been under rape process on a daily bases for many years!

Arab Children in Jordan to throw big stones on me! Twice! Due to non stop brain connections! While learning from me! Twice to be followed by cars while me on feet! Once they hit me & the second time with full speed missed me! What their Family & God is?

The End.

Welcome to Jordan

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